RFEx Affiliate Program

As an Affiliate of RFEx, all of the programs and processes will be made available to your network of members. RFEx acts as a clearinghouse for any transactions that are done from members who have registered using your code. We provide a dashboard that documents everyone that has joined RFEx through your network and tabulate all referral fees received by your members and credits your portion to your Affiliate account.

Be the first to introduce RFEX to your members and earn a percentage of what RFEX charges to process your members referral fee.


As a registered RFEX member your pathway to building your referral network as well as Affiliate status can be viewed here.  This approved content can be used to post on your website or blog.  Our custom link can be sent to your prospective members. Once you’ve registered, we’ll email you exclusive content outlining how RFEX can power referral programs for you to use in helping to build your referral network.


Tell us about clients you would like to introduce to RFEX or let them discover us through your shared links and content. We’ll track and attribute all referrals to you - after all, it’s what we do. We appreciate our affiliated membership partners and will be sure to include you on all our communication and let them know that they should consider joining your live events.


For every new referred member that signs up as a RFEX member, you will earn up to a 20% commission of any referral processing fee we charge that member. If you wish to apply your commission towards a charitable cause we can do that as well.

For every member that uses our premium programs we pay a 10% referral fee