Programs Overview

Become a Registered Contact (It’s free to join!)

Most likely you came to this page because someone thought enough about you to ask you if they could refer you, your product, or your service.

Because you made an impact on that person and you mentioned that you are willing to pay a referral fee, you were invited to become part of their Referral Fee Network. If you accepted, there is a good chance you will be receiving invitations to meet contact’s that are in their network.

Just let them know what type of business connections you need; they will do the rest!

If you just came to this page because of an advertisement or following a search, apply here for your free registration. All our members and contacts are vetted and can only join through an existing member. It may take a day or two to match you with a member in your area.

Send us a note with your thoughts at, or call us at 888-501-1777.

General Member Program

Successful business people are well connected. The General Member program at RFEx™ helps businesses and individual professionals develop and administer their own REFERRAL FEE NETWORK©️.

Our General Member Program provides the RFEx™ technology, education, and support staff that makes the process of building a network of quality business connections simple.

Once you join, the following resources will be provided to help you grow and administer your network successfully

  • Full information of the many advantages of membership (even though the registration is free)
  • A one-on-one coaching session that will help you understand the available resources and how to use them and how to grow your network successfully.
  • Contacts that come to our website who do not have a referring member will be matched to you, on the basis of your criteria.
  • Access to our weekly Biz Connection online meet-ups.
  • Access to General membership support
  • Referral payment insurance up to $1000

Additionally, you will have your own dashboard with the following features:

  • Searchable list of your registered contacts
  • A highlight switch as to your contacts referability.
  • The use of our invitation and correspondence templates.
  • The ability to schedule and record conference calls.
  • The ability to generate your custom marketing campaigns, which can be viewed by other network members.
  • The ability to call or send emails from your contact list.
  • The ability to view your registered contact profile.

Whether you are a broker, agent, or small business, membership in RFEx means harnessing the power of one-on-one marketing and network collaboration, the same way large organizations drive their growth through their referral, affiliate and partnership programs.

Membership at RFEx means that you have been vetted and found to have the kind of business ethics that warrant doing business with you.

It also means that if you are just starting out you will be building a network of contacts that you can then refer to your other registered contacts, in the meantime building trust, loyalty, and integrity for when it is time for your contacts to refer you!

Let us not fail to mention the extra revenues you’ll be making, that can subsidize your personal or favorite charitable initiatives.

We view every RFEx member as a potential business network; we understand their need to develop the best-qualified business contacts and relationships. We are confident we can guarantee your satisfaction!

Looking for a cost-effective way to grow your practice or business? Schedule a time for a demonstration of our General Member Program, particularly tailored for individuals and small businesses.

Annual membership fee is $440.00 which includes the one-on-one online orientation workshop (valued at $200) or choose to pay monthly at $49.00 and the online workshop is an additional $200.00   

For more information contact us here: A Relationship Manager will get in touch with you.

Premium Membership

The most frequent drawback for any human being who does mean to achieve peak performance is his very human failure called procrastination. That is why we truly realize how important it is, for those who are not yet superheroes.. to be backed by a support team!

Therefore each Premium Member is given access to one of our RFEx Certified Relationship Managers (RM), who will:

  • Administer their dashboard
  • Assist to schedule attendance to relevant online and offline event meetings, where members will meet prospective contacts for their network.
  • Send out follow up correspondence.
  • Assist in enrolling the contact into their network.
  • Help administer their campaign offerings.
  • Administer any video productions that are required.
  • Help send out invitations and follow ups to members who indicated their desire to attend particular online events.

Good for organizations with 5 or more agents or brokers.

The Investment-Cost for a one time online orientation workshop is $200, + $175 per each additional agent within the Organization - $249 for a Relationship Manager Per Month, + 200 per each additional agent within the organization.

For more info contact us here

Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program is meant to help manage a large membership network. Surely you understand the value of providing your members a clear path to business growth and new income stream. Let us help them; We share the transaction processing fees and we will make an affiliate agreement that assures you get paid every time one of your members has a successful referral fee paid to them.