How RFEx Works

How RFEx works for Members looking to refer their contacts


Referral Fee Exchange is a clearing house for business to business referral fee transactions. Our members are businesses, consultants, brokers, and agents who want to build their referral networks and want to ensure the receiving of their referral payments. We created a proprietary process to build referral, collaborative, and affiliate programs.

Our RFEx technology, services, and support staff provide a simple and automated solution to the process of enrolling, tracking and managing your qualified contacts and referral transactions. Our paid programs help you develop and build your referral network all with the intention of building trust, loyalty, and integrity when it’s time for your contacts to refer you!

Start with our FREE membership to view opportunities that pay referral fees. If you have a qualified contact for that campaign, upgrade to one of our programs to begin earning revenue on your referrals. As a paid member of the RFEx, all of the agreements, tracking and collecting is done by the Exchange. If there is a dispute the Exchange arbitration committee will deal with it!

By joining the RFEx you get to promote the unabashed idea that “sharing is caring”. You put the power of your referral network (and ours) to work, helping you make the business connections you need!



You’ve heard this phrase throughout our site so let us explain.

The relationships that you worked on developing throughout your business career are very valuable assets. A qualified contact is someone willing to pick up a call from you or return your call.  They should be willing to view or hear about an opportunity that was presented to you, that may be a perfect fit for them.

Some examples of qualified contacts:

*A family member in business for themselves

*A business colleague

*A client of yours

*Someone you shared a seminar with

*Someone you went to school with

*A business acquaintance that you swap business cards with



The Exchange facilitates matching a transaction and tracks the progress to its conclusion; Our service promotes integrity by gathering signed agreements, collecting and distributing finder fees and asisting with arbitrating disagreements. 

Referral payments are dispersed to members and third party affiliates. Members are also welcome to have their payments sent to their favorite charitable cause.