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We are a Staffing company, founded in 1993, a leading contract and full-time placement agency specializing in the technology industry. Our services include:
• Contract Placement
• Contract with Option to Hire
• Full-Time Placement - Contingency and Retained Searches
• Payroll Services
• Project Based Solutions
For two decades, We have provided outstanding service to employers and job seekers alike. Through our unique H²R (High-Hit Recruiting) process, we have achieved among the highest ratios of candidates presented-to-hire in the technology staffing industry. With H²R we are able to quickly build out a professional team for our project based solutions.
Successful recruiting requires experience, knowledge, training, ethics, and specific skills. We employ all of these traits in our H²R process:

We have kept current with the latest staffing trends and technical tools and is a "green" company. In phase one of going green, we have revised all of our systems to be paperless and utilize energy-efficient technology, which has reduced our consumable costs by 96%. This also resulted in time and money savings for our most cherished asset: our clients and contractors. We will continue to evolve and stay current with its green efforts.

The company is also working with companies in the Green Industry to service their technology placement needs and requirements. This means more opportunities for our employers and job seekers.

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$500 Referral Fee Program

Earn extra cash while helping your friends get jobs!

We will pay you up to $500.00 for each person you refer to us and we place into a contract or full-time position. If you know someone who's a good candidate for any of our openings, let us know by contacting us via email or phone and earn some extra cash.

The rules are simple:
The person you refer must be placed within 90 days of being referred
They must stay in that position for at least 90 days
Can not be someone we already have or are currently working with