How does one become a certified Relationship Manager?

Relationship Manager Certification Program

If you wish to become a registered RFEX Relationship Manager you most first interview with RFEX then attend our seminars and take a final exam. The course is online for 10 hours.

The following is the syllabus for the seminar:


  1. Understanding SOS (Satisfaction Operating System) business principles

  2. Coaching entrepreneurs and small business in the development of their business and action plan

  3. Edit websites, newsletters and video copy.

  4. Help to locate, vet and register the number of contacts a member wants

  5. Coach on how to work events.

  6. Following up with contacts to become registered in their network and help to network their contacts

  7. Help to upgrade contacts to registered members

  8. Setting up conference calls to discuss possible transactions.

  9. Answering RFEX questions.